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The Political Philosophy of Niccolò Machiavelli

Filippo Del Lucchese

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A new, critical introduction to Machiavelli's thought for students of politics and philosophy

All students of Western political thought encounter Niccolò Machiavelli's work. Nevertheless, his writing continues to puzzle scholars and readers who are uncertain how to deal with the seeming paradoxes they encounter.

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Part I: The Red Dawn of Modernity, 1: The Storm
Part II: A Political Philosophy, 2: The philosopher, 3: The Discourses on Livy, 4: The Prince, 5: History as Politics, 6: War as an art
Part III: Legacy, Reception, and Influence, 7: Authority, conflict, and the origin of the State (sixteenth-eighteenth centuries), 8: Nationalism and class conflict (nineteenth-twentieth centuries)

About the Author

Filippo Del Lucchese is Lecturer in History of Political Thought at Brunel University, London; Senior Research Associate, University of Johannesburg, and Chair at the Collège International de Philosophie in Paris. His research interests are in the early modern period (from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment), history of philosophy and Marxism. He is the author of Conflict, Power and Multitude in Machiavelli and Spinoza (Continuum Press, 2009). He has also published articles on the history of early modern philosophy and political theory in journals such as History of Political Thought, European Journal of Political Theory, Dialogue, International Studies in Philosophy, Differences.


Del Lucchese's reading of Machiavelli is an exemplary interpretation. It is a highly readable and engaging account of Machiavelli that is both scholarly and plausible. Importantly, it shows how Machiavelli has much to say about the practice of politics and the nature of historical developments in the early modern, and indeed the late modern, world. This is more than enough to be going on with.

- Gary Browning, Oxford Brookes University, Radical Philosophy

Filippo Del Lucchese provides an original interpretation of Machiavelli’s thought as well as the debates surrounding his work over four centuries. Written with clarity and elegance, this book is likely to become a classic.

- Étienne Balibar, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at University Paris-Nanterre

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