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The Poetry of Scotland

Gaelic, Scots & English 1380–1980

Roderick Watson


For the first time, the full canon of poetry from Scotland is available to readers in one volume. The Poetry of Scotland presents all the major, and many less well-known Scottish poets in a broad historical perspective from the fourteenth century to the present day. Unlike other anthologies, it includes concise bibliographies of each writer, user-friendly notes, and poems in Gaelic with modern English translations. With contents listed by both chronology and theme, on-page glossaries and a full introduction by Roderick Watson, this is the definitive edition for students and lovers of Scottish poetry everywhere.

About the Author

Roderick Watson is Professor of English at the University of Stirling.


It is lovely to see so much put precisely in place, calm, cool, a careful navigation from the mythic historical foundations through 1603, 1707 Victoria's Empire and the modern age, to come to the point where a national identity has been fully embodied.