The Peripatetic Frame

Images of Walking in Film

Thomas Deane Tucker

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The first philosophical exploration of the act of walking as it is represented in film
  • Breaks new ground in motion studies as it relates to film
  • Helps readers gain a fresh insight into film history through another perspective
  • Covers star walks, walking in genre films, urban walking, walking in nature and the idea of the camera as a pedestrian

From cinema’s earliest days, walking and filmmaking have been intrinsically linked. Technologically, culturally and aesthetically, the pioneers of cinema were not only interested in using the camera to scientifically study ambulatory motion, but were also keen to capture the speed and mobile culture of late 19th-century urban life.

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Introduction: Framing Walking

Chapter 1: First Steps

Chapter 2: Tramping with Chaplin

Chapter 3: The Pedestrian Camera

Chapter 4: Gumshoes

Chapter 5: Homing

Chapter 6: Aimless Walks

Conclusion: Running out of Frames



Thomas Deane Tucker's <i>The Peripatetic Frame</i> offers an erudite historical and theoretical exploration of the fascinating affinities between walking and cinema. Tracking the parallels between cinematic and perambulatory movement in all their philosophical variants, Tucker takes the reader on an invigorating theoretical expedition spanning Chaplin’s walk, the camera as pedestrian, to journeying home and cinematic <i>flânerie</i>.
Prof Robert Sinnerbrink, Macquarie University
Thomas Deane Tucker is Professor of Humanities at Chadron State College. He is the author of Derridada: Duchamp as Readymade Deconstruction (Lexington Books, 2008) and co-editor of Terrence Malick: Film and Philosophy (Continuum, 2011).

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