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The Parks and Gardens of Britain

A Landscape History from the Air

Christopher Taylor


This seminal study, from one of Britain's most eminent landscape historians, takes a chronological tour through British parks and gardens since Roman times. Each chapter introduces the characteristic features of parks and gardens in each period and explores the social and economic context for their construction. Chris Taylor then provides a detailed explanation of specific sites and draws on 100 aerial photographs to illustrate a new and different perspective of Britain's cherished parks and gardens.

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About the Author

Christopher Taylor was formerly Head of Archaeological Survey at the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England.


I have no doubt this will be an excellent book ... new, refreshing andthought-provoking.
- Professor Mick Aston, University of Bristol
This will undoubtedly provide an important contribution to the study of garden history and to landscape history as a whole ... This is hardly surprising as Christopher Taylor is the foremost practitioner of garden archaeology in the UK.
- H. G. Welfare
The author is a pioneer in the study of gardens through archaeology and this book will be animportant contribution to the subject.
- Keith Goodway
It is always a pleasure to read a book by Christopher Taylor and this does not disappoint ... a volume packed with information, and with a torrent of new ideas and insights.