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The New Soundtrack

Volume 8, Issue 1

Edited by Stephen Deutsch, Larry Sider, Dominic Power


Focuses on the aural elements which combine with moving images.

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  1. The Soundscape in Michelangelo Antonioni’s Cinema, Roberto Calabretto;
  2. An Interview with Hans Peter Kuhn, Hans Peter Kuhn;
  3. Sounds of Slowness: Ambience and Absurd Humour in Slow Sound Design, Emre Çağlayan;
  4. Internal Soundscapes: An Interview with Dan Jones, Dan Jones;
  5. From Sync to Surround: Walt Disney and its Contribution to the Aesthetics of Music in Animation, Laura Lazarescu-Thois;
  6. Engagement versus Immersion, Stephen Deutsch;
  7. Unplugging the Matrix, Steve Rafter.

About the Author

Stephen Deutsch is Professor of Post-Production at Bournemouth University and Visiting Tutor in Screen Composition at the National Film & Television School.

Larry Sider is Director of the School of Sound symposium and former Head of Post-Production at the National Film and Television School.

Dominic Power is an independent writer and film historian.

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