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The New Soundtrack

Volume 4, Issue 2

Sandra Pauletto

The New Soundtrack is a biannual journal that brings together leading edge academic and professional perspectives on the complex relationship between sound and moving images. Former editors of The Soundtrack, Stephen Deutsch, Larry Sider and Dominic Power, bring their expertise to this project, providing a new platform for discourse on how aural elements combine with moving images. The New Soundtrack also encourages writing on more current developments, such as sound installations, computer-based delivery, and the psychology of the interaction of image and sound. The journal has an illustrious Editorial Board containing some of the most prominent people working with sound in the arts and media and the discourse which surrounds it.


Table of contents



Sonarchy in the UK: is sound design a rebellious teenager?
Andy Farnell

Sound design: an applied, experimental framework to study the perception of everyday sounds
Patrick Susini, Olivier Houix and Nicolas Misdariis

Organic and free range sound design
Neil Hillman

Human performance of computational sound models for immersive environments Christian Heinrichs, Andrew McPherson and Andy Farnell

Sounding objects in Europe
Davide Rocchesso

Closing the loop of sonifi cation and electroacoustic music practices through gesture and embodied interaction
Pietro Polotti

Sonic hyperrealism: illusions of a non-existent aural reality
Vytis Puronas

About the Author

Dr Sandra Pauletto has a background in Physics (MPhys(Hons), Manchester) and Music (Classical Guitar, Conservatorio “G.Tartini”, Trieste, Italy), education that she has combined in a MSc and PhD in Music Technology at the University of York. She has worked as a Research Assistant at Loughborough University and York University, and as a Lecturer at Huddersfield University and York University. Since October 2007, she is the Director of the MA/MSc in Postproduction with Sound Design at the Department of Theatre Film and TV at the University of York. Sandra has published many articles on sound design in various fields: from film to auditory displays, from speech synthesis for communication technology to sonic interaction design. Sandra was the Chair of two international symposia on sound design. The first titled Sonic Interaction Design and its relation to Film and Theatre Sound Design in 2009 and the second in 2013 titles Perspectives on Sound Design.

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