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The New Soundtrack

Volume 7, Issue 2

Edited by Stephen Deutsch, Larry Sider, Dominic Power

Paperback (In stock)

Provides a new platform for discourse on how aural elements combine with moving images

The New Soundtrack is a biannual journal that brings together leading edge academic and professional perspectives on the complex relationship between sound and moving images. Former editors of The Soundtrack, Stephen Deutsch, Larry Sider and Dominic Power, bring their expertise to this project, providing a new platform for discourse on how aural elements combine with moving images. The New Soundtrack also encourages writing on more current developments, such as sound installations, computer-based delivery, and the psychology of the interaction of image and sound. The journal has an illustrious Editorial Board containing some of the most prominent people working with sound in the arts and media and the discourse which surrounds it.

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‘Foregrounding expectation: spatial sound-image composition in virtual environments
Angela McArthur And Stefano Kalonaris’

‘The Sound of Memory in Public House’
Sarah Turner

‘How We Learned to Listen to Noise. Theoretical Issues, Practical Problems: Sonic and Media Materiality in Italian Early Sound Cinema (1929 – 1935)’
Simone Dotto

‘Cartographic Soundtrack:  Voice, Sound and Music in Birdman’
Henrique Rocha De Souza Lima

‘Cultural Intimacy in the Practice of Sound Post-production in Turkish Yeşilçam Cinema’
Meri Kytö


‘Breaking the silence (or silents?) barrier’
Ian Christie

‘What is Real, Anyway?’
Stephen Deutsch

‘Environmental Sound and Soundscape Composition in Landscape and Nature Documentaries’
Hildegard Westerkamp

‘Sense perception and knowledge in ‘Making Nature: How we see animals’, an exhibition at Wellcome Collection’
Honor Beddard

About the Author

Stephen Deutsch is Professor of Post-Production at Bournemouth University and Visiting Tutor in Screen Composition at the National Film & Television School.

Larry Sider, Director of the School of Sound symposium and former Head of Post-Production at the National Film and Television School.

Dominic Power is an independent writer and film historian.

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