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The New Romanian Cinema

Edited by Christina Stojanova

Hardback (Forthcoming)

The first collection of essays to comprehensively map out New Romanian Cinema

Covering more than forty films made since 2001 – including The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, The Paper will be Blue, Police, Adjective and Beyond the Hills – this pioneering collection of essays on New Romanian Cinema is the first to contextualise it aesthetically, theoretically and historically. Scholars from across Europe and North America are brought together, reflecting on the realism, minimalism and intermedial artifice of New Romanian cinemas, on its approaches to issues of national and gender identity, and on its unique convergence of ethics and aesthetics.

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Christina Stojanova, Introduction

Part I. Modernism/ Minimalism

1.Dominique Nasta, Beyond Modernity: The Stylistic Divide and the New Romanian Cinema

2. Ioana Trocan, Minimalism in the New Romanian Cinema: Absent, Omnipresent or Misjudged?

3. Ioana Uricaru, No Melo – Minimalism and Melodrama in New Romanian Cinema

Part II. Intermediality/ Intertextuality

4. Ágnes Pethő, ‘Exhibited Space’ and Intermediality in the films of Corneliu Porumboiu

5. Katalin Sándor, Filming the Camera: Reflexivity and Reenactment in Lucian Pintilie’s Reconstruction (1969) and Niki and Flo (2003)

6. Melinda Blos-Jáni, Ephemeral History and Enduring Celluloid: Cinematic Reality and Theatricality in Nae Caranfil’s Films

7. Liviu Lutas, Remediation and Minimalism in New Romanian Cinema: The Example of Cristi Puiu

Part III. Ethics/ New Aesthetics

8. Christina Stojanova, Authenticity in New Romanian Cinema: Ethics and Aesthetics are One’

9. Ioana Uricaru, The Square and the Screen: The Ethical Dimension of the New Romanian Cinema

10. Kalling Heck, Cristian Mungiu’s Beyond the Hills and Austerity Politics

Part IV. Gender/ Genre

11. Dana Duma, Woman Films: Body and Will

12. Andrea Virginas, Traces of Genre in New Romanian Cinema: A Narrow Path for a Small Entity

Part V. National/Place and Transnational/Space

13. Mircea Deaca, Kitchen Encounters: Scenes of Face to Face Dialogues in Films of the New Romanian Cinema

14. Marian Țuțui and Raluca Iacob, New Romanian Cinema: Geography and Identity

15. Doru Pop, The ‘Transnational Turn’: New Urban Identities and the Transformation of Contemporary Romanian Cinema

Part VI. Christina Stojanova, Historical Overview of Romanian Cinema



GENERAL FILMOGRAPHY (Compiled by Raluca Iacob)



About the Author

Christina Stojanova is a media historian, specializing in philosophical, ideological, and analytical-psychological aspects of narrative modes and fictional representation in the cinemas of Quebec, interwar Germany, and Eastern and Central Europe. Associate professor at the Department of Film, University of Regina, since 2005 she has contributes 20 chapters to internationally acclaimed publications, two of which – Wittgenstein at the Movies (2011) and The Legacies of Jean-Luc Godard (2014) – she has co-edited. Editor of the forthcoming The New Romanian Cinema (2019), she is currently working on monograph about Canadian animator Caroline Leaf.


In the last decade and a half the New Romanian Cinema became the most exciting phenomenon originating from the old Eastern Europe. This collection, in which the leading specialists in the area cover topics such as minimalism, genre, gender, intermediality and intertextuality, as well as its roots in national and global context, is a valuable addition to the body of work about Romanian cinema.

- Ewa Mazierska, University of Central Lancashire

This stimulating collection approaches New Romanian Cinema from both theoretical and historical perspectives, referencing important antecedents in Romanian culture together with links to international developments in cinema and the visual arts. Christina Stojanova has assembled an impressive range of contributions offering original perspectives on one of the key developments in post-Socialist cinemas.

- Professor Peter Hames, Staffordshire University

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