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The New Deal

Fiona Venn


This textbook offers a chronological introduction to the New Deal which incorporates material on events and developments outside as well as within Washington DC and on popular reaction to the policies. Reference is made to President Roosevelt and his role but the main emphasis is upon policy formation and implementation and the context in which the New Deal evolved. Bearing in mind the requirements of students Fiona Venn draws comparisons between American and European responses to the depression and provides explanations of American institutions and traditions as appropriate.

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About the Author

Dr Fiona Venn is Visiting Fellow at the University of Essex


This book will find a wide and willing readership - in my experience students welcome introductory texts which set out the story in plain terms and Dr Venn certainly knows how to write for a student readership.
- Hugh Brogan, University of Essex

Fiona Venn does an excellent job here of steering the student through this colourful epoch with a tightly-written and highly readable account … Venn's text is a neat summary, effectively explaining the most famous New Deal innovations (such as the CCC and AAA) whilst not omitting accounts of administration attitudes towards blacks and women. Its cross-disciplinary focus also enables the author to include the New Deal's impact on the arts ... A readable and intelligent introduction to the New Deal era which students and lecturers would be well-advised to purchase.

- Niall Palmer, Brunel University, American Studies Today

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