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The Native Woodlands of Scotland

Ecology, Conservation and Management

Scott Wilson

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Topical information on ecology, conservation and management for Scottish native woodlands

Shortlisted for the Saltire Society Scottish Research Book of the Year Award

This authoritative textbook provides a convenient single source of up-to-date information about the fascinating native woodland habitats of Scotland, putting these into their wider British, European and global contexts.

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Abbreviations and acronyms
Chapter 1. International context
Chapter 2. Ecological context
Chapter 3. Historical development
Chapter 4. Pinewoods and montane scrub
Chapter 5. Oak and birch woodlands
Chapter 6. Ash, elm and hazel Woodlands
Chapter 7. Wet woodlands
Chapter 8. Conservation of native woodlands
Chapter 9. Expansion of native woodlands
Chapter 10. Relationship with plantations
Chapter 11. The future of native woodlands
Chapter 12. Visiting native woodlands

About the Author

Scott Wilson is a Consultant Forester and Forest Ecologist based in Aberdeen. He has practised as a self-employed forestry and ecological consultant since 1998, holding the professional status of Chartered Forester since 2001. He is a regular contributor to forestry journals and publications.


'The book is a useful introduction to, and overview of, Scottish native woodland. The text is easy to read and will be generally accessible to the non-specialist, with a reasonable number of coloured plates and black-and-white photographs to illustrate the text.'

- Keith Kirby, Quarterly Journal of Forestry

'Scott Wilson takes the reader on a tour of native woodland habitats throughout Scotland, emphasizing their immense value. Wilson places the habitats in both ecological and historical contexts within the greater Scottish landscape, as well as within an international forest context, detailing the ecological development of Scotland’s native woodlands from the last ice age to the twenty-first century. Wilson also discusses the conservation and management of existing woodlands, including the relationships between plantation forests and native woodlands. Another chapter covers the history of conservation efforts, with an overview of relevant policy and law and detailed information on issues relating to wildlife management, regeneration efforts, invasive plant species, and silvicultural techniques. The book concludes with information on visiting forest sites throughout the country. A textbook intended for students in forestry and the environmental sciences, The Native Woodlands of Scotland is also for those with a general interest in Scotland’s land management, woodlands, wildlife, and natural history.'

- Forest History Today

A valuable, current and very well-informed contribution to our wider understanding of the native woodlands of Scotland . . . comprehensive in content, eminently readable . . . The key linkages are made to both historical and current management and policy, including a perceptive look to the future.

- Ian Ross, Chairman, Scottish Natural Heritage

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