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The Myth of the Jacobite Clans

The Jacobite Army in 1745

Murray Pittock

Edition: 2


The first edition of The Myth of the Jacobite Clans was a revolutionary book. It argued that British history had long sought to caricature Jacobitism rather than to understand it, and that the Jacobite Risings drew on extensive Lowland support and had a national quality within Scotland. The Times Higher Education Supplement hailed its author's 'formidable talents' and the book and its ideas fuelled discussions in the national press.

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Introduction: British Histories and Scottish Myths
Chapter 1: What is a Highlander, What was a Jacobite?
Chapter 2: The Myth of the Jacobite Clans
Chapter 3: Jacobites in the Localities, 1745-60
Chapter 4: Nationalists or Jacobites?
Chapter 5: Jacobite Weapons
Appendix: Lists of the Jacobite Units in the Risings of 1689-92, 1715 and 1745

About the Author

Murray Pittock is Bradley Professor of English Literature at the University of Glasgow, Head of the College of Arts and Vice-Principal. He has formerly held chairs and other senior appointments at Strathclyde, Edinburgh and Manchester universities. His recent work includes Scottish and Irish Romanticism (2008), The Reception of Sir Walter Scott in Europe (2007) and James Boswell (2007). Forthcoming work includes collections on Robert Burns in Global Culture, the Reception of Robert Burns in Europe and the textual edition of the Scottish Musical Museum for the Oxford Burns. He is currently PI of the AHRC Beyond Text project, ‘Robert Burns, 1796-1909: Inventing Tradition and Securing Memory’.


A fine study which challenges commonly accepted views of the Jacobite clans and the part they played in British history... the narrative is cool, level-headed yet incisive and his arguments are put forward with ample evidence and force.
- R. Macdonald, Amazon
Praise for the first edition:A stimulating read. A fresh mind coming on to the battleground of Jacobite historiography is to be welcomed.
- Books in Scotland
Praise for the first edition:Formidable talents... The doyen of the present crop of Jacobite historians.
- Times Higher Education
'The publication of a new edition of Murray Pittock's Myth of the Jacobite Clans is important for historians and those interested in modern Scotland alike. Pittock's sound scholarship demonstrates the extent to which Scots supported the 1745 rising, and its purpose in terms of dissolving the Union. This book offers a point of departure for a reconceptualisation of Scottish history.'
- Jeremy Black, Professor of History, University of Exeter
This is a stimulating update to a provocative and challenging contribution to Jacobitism and Scottish identity.
- Allan Macinnes, Professor of Early Modern History, University of Strathclyde