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The Moral Mappings of South and North

Edited by Peter Wagner

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What is the 'Global South' and where is it?

The term 'Global South' marks a new attempt at providing order and meaning in the current global political constellation, replacing the term 'Third World'. But the term 'Global South' is fraught with many ambiguities.

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1. Finding one's way in global social space
Peter Wagner

2. Does the world have a spatio-political form? Preliminaries
Gerard Rosich

3. The BRICS countries: time and space in moral narratives of development
Cláudio Costa Pinheiro

4. Russia between East, West and North: Comments on the history of moral mapping
Maxim Khomyakov

5. Digging for class: thoughts on the writing of a global history of social distinction
Jacob Dlamini

6. North–South and the question of recognition: a constellation saturated with tensions
À. Lorena Fuster

7. On spaces and experiences: modern displacements, interpretations and universal claims
Aurea Mota

8. The South as exile
Nathalie Karagiannis

About the Author

Peter Wagner is Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies Research Professor at the University of Barcelona. His publications include The Trouble with Democracy (Edinburgh University Press, 2016), African, American and European Trajectories of Modernity (Edinburgh University Press, 2015), Modernity as Experience and Interpretation (Polity Press, 2008), A History and Theory of the Social Sciences (Sage, 2001), Theorising Modernity (Sage, 2001) and A Sociology of Modernity (Routledge, 1994).

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