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The Mongol Empire

Timothy May

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A comprehensive survey of the Mongol Empire – the largest contiguous empire in history

As the largest contiguous empire in history, the Mongol Empire looms large in history: it permanently changed the map of Eurasia as well as how the world was viewed. As the empire expanded, the Mongols were alternately seen as liberators, destroyers, and harbingers of apocalyptic doom. At the same time, they ushered in an era of religious tolerance and cross-cultural transmission.

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List of Abbreviations
Note on Transliteration, Conventions, and Geographical Terminology
Chapter 1 Mongolia before the Mongol Empire
Chapter 2 The Rise of Chinggis Khan & unification of Mongolia
Chapter 3 The Mongols outside Mongolia
Chapter 4 The Institutions of the Empire
Chapter 5 The Reign of Ogodei
Chapter 6 The Reign of Guyuk and the Regents
Chapter 7 Mongke and the Toluid Revolution
Chapter 8 The Great Khanate or Yuan Empire
Chapter 9 The Ilkhanate
Chapter 10 The Ogodeid and Chaghatayid Uluses
Chapter 11 The Jochid Ulus or Golden Horde
Chapter 12 Anxiety and Accomodation
Chapter 13 Conclusion: End of the Chinggisids and the Rise of the Qarachu
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III

About the Author

Timothy May is Professor of Central Eurasian history at the University of North Georgia and is the author of a number of articles, chapters and books including The Mongol Art of War (2007), Culture and Customs of Mongolia (2009), and The Mongol Conquests in World History (2012).

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