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The Modern State

Theories and Ideologies

Erika Cudworth, Timothy Hall, John McGovern


Broad ranging in its coverage of the liberal democratic state and other, non-democratic state formations, the book offers chapters on each of the core theories of the modern state. Each chapter is structured in the same way to allow for ease of cross-referencing and for comparisons to be drawn between theories, with parts on Context, Definition, Theorists and Practical Politics.

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1. The Emergence of the Modern State
2. Liberalism: The Pluralist State
3. Elite Theories: The State and the Power Elite
4. Marxism: The State as a Real Illusion
5. Socialism: The Social Democratic State
6. Anarchism: The Politics of Anti-Statism
7. Conservatism: Authority in the Modern State
8. Fascism: Overcoming the Modern State
9. Feminisms: The Gendering of the State
10. The New Right: The Minimal State
11. Fundamentalism: The Godly State
12. Futures: Theorising the Nation State in a 'Global Age'.

About the Author

Erika Cudworth is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Politics at the University of East London. She is author of Environment and Society (2003) and Developing Ecofeminist Theory (2005).

Timothy Hall is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of East London.

John McGovern is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of East London.


This book enables students to examine the contemporary state, its history and development, through a very wide variety of theories and ideologies, ranging from liberalism to feminism to fundamentalism. It takes a genuinely global perspective and concludes with a useful discussion of the relationship between the state and a variety of globalization theories.
- Terrell Carver, Professor of Political Theory, University of Bristol