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The Modern SNP

From Protest to Power

Edited by Gerry Hassan

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The Scottish National Party has played a significant role in the politics of Scotland in the last forty years. In particular it has contributed to and shaped the impact and dynamics of devolution. This collection brings together academics, writers, commentators and analysts of Scottish politics to address the nature of the SNP: its position in Scotland, its influence on devolution, its role as a minority administration and its relationship with other institutions in Scotland, the UK and Europe.


1. The Coming of the Modern SNP: From Protest to Power, Gerry Hassan
2. The Early Years: From the Inter-War Period to the Mid-1960s, Richard Finlay (University of Strathclyde)
3. The Westminster Years, James Mitchell (University of Strathclyde)
4. Gender Politics and the SNP, Fiona MacKay (University of Edinburgh)
5. Devolution, The SNP and the Electorate, John Curtice (University of Strathclyde)
6. The State of the Party, James Mitchell, Robert Johns (both University of Strathclyde) and Lynn Bennie (University of Aberdeen)
7. The SNP and the Scottish Parliament, Colin MacKay (Radio Forth)
8. The SNP and Westminster, Isobel Lindsay (retired academic and writer)
9. Economic Agendas and Policies of the SNP, Jim and Margaret Cuthbert (independent economic analysts)
10. A Fairer, More Just Scotland?, Stephen Maxwell (Assistant Director, SCVO)
11. The Nationalists, Scottish Culture and 'the Creativity Industry', Philip Schlesinger (University of Glasgow)
12. The Auld Enemies: Labour and the Nationalists, Gerry Hassan
13. The Journey from the '79 Group to the Modern SNP, David Torrance (STV Political Reporter)
14. The SNP's Relations with the UK, Alex Wright (University of Dundee)
15. Degrees of independence: SNP demands in an international context, Eve Hepburn (University of Edinburgh)
16. Nationalist Movements in Comparative Perspective, Michael Keating (Universities of Aberdeen and Florence).

About the Author

Dr. Gerry Hassan is Research Fellow in contemporary history at Dundee University. He has written and edited over two dozen books on Scottish and British politics including The Strange Death of Labour Scotland (with Eric Shaw, 2012), Caledonian Dreaming (2014), Independence of the Scottish Mind (2014), Scotland the Bold (2016), and SNP Leaders (edited with James Mitchell, 2016). His latest book is The People’s Flag and the Union Jack: An Alternative History of Britain and the Labour Party (with Eric Shaw, 2019).


Here is an eclectic and impressive range of contributors ... That many are key Scottish thinkers attests to the range and quality of the volume ... A very robust and intelligent grounding to understanding Scotland's Nationalists.

- Michael Rosie, University of Edinburgh, Scotia: Interdisciplinary Journal of Scottish Studies