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The Minaret

Jonathan M. Bloom

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A lavishly illustrated history of this iconic element of Islamic architecture

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Series Editor’s Foreword
PART I: CHAPTER 1 The History of Scholarship and the Nature of the Problem, CHAPTER 2 The Adhan, the Mi’dhana and the Sawma‘a, CHAPTER 3 Manārs and Manāras, CHAPTER 4 The Mosque Tower, CHAPTER 5 Why Were Towers Added to Mosques?
PART II: CHAPTER 6 The Minaret in the Maghrib in the Ninth Century, CHAPTER 7 The Triumph of the Cordoban Minaret in the Maghrib, CHAPTER 8 The Minaret in Egypt through the Ayyubid Period, CHAPTER 9 The Minaret in the Eastern Islamic Lands before the Seljuqs, CHAPTER 10 The Seljuq Minaret
PART III: CHAPTER 11 The Minaret after the Mongol Conquest,
CHAPTER 12 The Minaret Beyond the Persianate World, CHAPTER 13 The Minaret in the Modern World
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About the Author

Jonathan M. Bloom is the author, co-author, editor, or co-editor of fifteen books and hundreds of articles on all aspects of Islamic art and architecture, including the art of the Fatimid dynasty, and the history of paper. He and his wife and colleague Sheila Blair edited the prize-winning 3-volume Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture (2009) and organize the Hamad bin Khalifa Biennial Symposia on Islamic Art and Culture.


Praise for the first edition:

'His survey of the surviving towers and his formulation of the problems they raise will surely remain standard for many years to come.'

- Journal of the American Oriental Society

Praise for the first edition:

'The style is remarkably clear and at points rather exhilarating.'

- British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

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