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The Lyotard Reader and Guide

Edited by Keith Crome, James Williams

The first comprehensive anthology of Jean-François Lyotard's writings together with a critical guide.

The Lyotard Reader and Guide is designed as a one-stop companion to his thought. It covers the full range of Lyotard's work, from beginning to end, through his three main books (Discours, figure, Libidinal Economy and The Differend) and up to his influential essays in The Inhuman and Postmodern Fables.

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About the Author

Keith Crome is Lecturer in Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is author of Lyotard and Greek Thought: Sophistry (Palgrave Macmillan, 2004).

James Williams is Honorary Professor of Philosophy and member of the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalization at Deakin University. He has published widely on contemporary French philosophy and is currently working on a critique of the idea of extended mind from the point of view of process philosophy.


A superb selection.
- D. N. Rodowick, Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University
The organisation, approach and breadth of this edition are outstanding.
- Simon Malpas, Lecturer in English Literature at Edinburgh University