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The Liberty Reader

Edited by David Miller

Hardback i (Printed to Order)

Collects the 12 most important and insightful essays on liberty from the past 100 years

These essays represent a wide range of 20th-century political perspectives - liberal, libertarian, socialist, feminist and republican. The introduction gives an overview of the history of liberty and the carfully structured bibliography allows the reader to pursue particular topics in greater depth.

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Introduction, David Miller
1. Liberal Legislation and Freedom of Contract, T. H. Green
2. Two Concepts of Liberty, Isaiah Berlin
3. Freedom and Politics, Hannah Arendt
4. Freedom and Coercion, F. A. Hayek
5. Negative and Positive Freedom, Gerald C. MacCallum Jr
6. Individual Liberty, Hillel Steiner
7. What's Wrong with Negative Liberty, Charles Taylor
8. Capitalism, Freedom, and the Proletariat, G. A. Cohen
9. Constraints on Freedom, David Miller
10. Towards a Feminist Theory of Freedom, Nancy Hirschmann
11. The Republican Ideal of Freedom, Philip Pettit
12. A Third Concept of Liberty, Quentin Skinner
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About the Author

David Miller is a Fellow and Professor of Political Theory at Nuffield College, Oxford. He is the author of many books including Political Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction (2003), Citizenship and National Identity (2000), and Principles of Social Justice (1999).