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The Jacobite Wars

Scotland and the Military Campaigns of 1715 and 1745

John L Roberts


The Jacobite Wars is a detailed exploration of the Jacobite military campaigns of 1715 and 1745, set against the background of Scottish political, religious and constitutional history.

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1. Origins of the Jacobite Movement
2. Outbreak of the 1715 Rebellion
3. March South to Preston
4. Battle of Sherrifmuir
5. End of the 1715 Rebellion
6. Jacobitism in the Doldrums
7. 'A Rash and Desperate Undertaking'
8. March South to Edinburgh
9. 'Masters of Scotland'
10. Nemesis at Derby
11. Retreat to Scotland
12. The Highland Campaign
13. Prelude to Culloden
14. Battle of Culloden
15. Aftermath of Culloden
16. Escape of the Prince
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Drawing on contemporary sources and the work of later historians, Roberts sustains a clear and persuasive narrative to produce a much-needed military and political re-assessment of this much-mythologized episode of Scottish history.
- Trevor Royle