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The History of the Scottish Parliament

Parliament in Context, 1235-1707

Edited by Keith M Brown, Alan R. MacDonald

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This is the third volume in The History of the Scottish Parliament. In volumes 1 and 2 the contributors addressed discrete episodes in political history from the early thirteenth century through to 1707, demonstrating the richness of the sources for such historical writing and the importance of parliament to that history. In Volume 3 the contributors have built on that foundation and taken advantage of the Records of the Parliaments of Scotland to discuss a comprehensive range of key themes in the development of parliament.

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Abbreviations and Conventions
1. Balancing acts: the crown and parliament, Gillian H. MacIntosh and Roland J. Tanner
2. The first estate: parliament and the church, Kirsty McAlister and Roland J. Tanner
3. The second estate: parliament and the nobility, Keith M. Brown
4. The third estate: parliament and the burghs, Alan R. MacDonald
5. House rules: parliamentary procedure, Alastair J. Mann
6. Parliament and the Law, A. Mark Godfrey
7. The law of the person: parliament and social control, Alastair J. Mann
8. Political ideas and parliament, James H. Burns
9. Parliament and Politics, Julian Goodare.

About the Author

Keith Brown is Professor of History at the University of Manchester. He specializes in early modern Scottish History, particularly the history of parliament and of the nobility.

Alan MacDonald is a senior lecturer in History at the University of Dundee, with a particular interest in the history of early modern Scotland, especially the history of the church and of parliament.


The most detailed, authoritative and wide-ranging treatment of the Scottish parliament so far published. The organisation of the three volumes is ingenious and highly effective. The first two are arranged chronologically and contain analytical studies of particular parliaments, whereas the third is organised thematically, with articles on various aspects of the parliament's role and functions throughout its history. This combination of analytical and thematic approaches produces a rich variety of perspectives that are both illuminating and informative... Together, they bring our understanding of Scottish parliamentary history to an entirely new level of sophistication, and the editors and contributors are to be warmly congratulated on their achievement.
- David L Smith, Selwyn College, Cambridge , Scottish Historical Review

This volume is at once a brilliant illustration of the variety of studies that can draw upon the Records of the Parliaments of Scotland, whilst also opening the door towards future research in a number of areas.

- Lucy Dean, University of Dundee, History Scotland Volume 12 No 4

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