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The History of the Scottish Parliament

Parliament and Politics in Scotland, 1235-1560

Edited by Keith M Brown, A. J. Mann, Alan R. MacDonald, Ronald J Tanner


These three volumes comprise a new history of Scotland's first parliament from the first surviving official records in the thirteenth century to its final dissolution in 1707.

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Abbreviations and conventions
Introduction: Parliament and Politics in Scotland, 1235-1567
Keith M. Brown and Roland J. Tanner
1 Parliament, the Guardians and John Balliol, 1284-1296
Alison A. B. McQueen
2 Cowing the Community? Coercion and Falsification in Robert
Bruce's Parliaments, 1309-1318
Roland J. Tanner
3 Parliament Lost - Parliament Regained? The Three Estates
in the Reign of David II, 1329-1371
Michael A. Penman
4 Coronations, Kings and Guardians: Politics, Parliaments
and General Councils, 1371-1406
Stephen Boardman
5 Public Authority and Factional Conflict: Crown, Parliament
and Polity, 1424-1455
Michael Brown
6 The Estates in Eclipse? Politics and Parliaments in the
Reign of James IV
Norman Macdougall
7 The Parliament of 1525
Ken Emond
8 Marie de Guise and the Three Estates, 1554-1558
Pamela E. Ritchie
9 The Reformation Parliament
Keith M. Brown

About the Author

Keith Brown is Professor of History at the University of Manchester. He specializes in early modern Scottish History, particularly the history of parliament and of the nobility.

Dr. Alastair Mann is Lecturer in Scottish History at the University of Stirling.

Alan MacDonald is a senior lecturer in History at the University of Dundee, with a particular interest in the history of early modern Scotland, especially the history of the church and of parliament.

R. J. Tanner is Research Fellow within the Scottish Parliament Project team at the University of St Andrews


This is a work of immense importance that sets a new benchmark for study of the Scottish Parliament.It is a volume which all students of parliamentary history should not only possess but also consult.
- Richard D. Oram, University of Stirling, Parliaments, Estates and Representation
A valuable collection of first-rate scholarship that places the Scottish Parliament at the centre of a political history that has been dominated by overworked stories of dynastic intrigue.
- Paul T. Riggs, Valdosta State University, History: The Journal of the Historical Association
The most detailed, authoritative and wide-ranging treatment of the Scottish parliament so far published. The organisation of the three volumes is ingenious and highly effective. The first two are arranged chronologically and contain analytical studies of particular parliaments, whereas the third is organised thematically, with articles on various aspects of the parliament's role and functions throughout its history. This combination of analytical and thematic approaches produces a rich variety of perspectives that are both illuminating and informative... Together, they bring our understanding of Scottish parliamentary history to an entirely new level of sophistication, and the editors and contributors are to be warmly congratulated on their achievement.
- David L Smith, Selwyn College, Cambridge, Scottish Historical Review

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