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The Harvard Lectures of Alfred North Whitehead, 1924-1925

Philosophical Presuppositions of Science

Edited by Paul A. Bogaard, Jason Bell

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Presents Whitehead’s lectures at Harvard during the 1924–5 academic year: the first philosophy lectures he ever gave

Beginning in September of 1924, Alfred North Whitehead presented a regular course of 85 lectures which concluded in May of 1925. These represent the first ever philosophy lectures he gave and capture him working out the philosophical implications of the remarkable turns physics had taken in his lifetime. This volume finally recreates these lectures by transcribing notes by W. P. Bell, W. E. Hocking and Louise Heath taken at the time – many of which have only recently been discovered and including hundreds of sketches of Whitehead's blackboard diagrams. This is a unique insight into the evolution of Whitehead’s thought during the months when he was drafting his seminal work, Science and the Modern World.

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General Introduction to the Critical Edition
Editorial Principles to the Critical Edition
Acknowledgements for the Critical Edition
Chronology for Alfred North Whitehead and his Published Works

Introduction to Volume One: 'Philosophical Presuppositions of Science'

Emerson Hall Lectures: 1924–1925
First Semester: Phil 3b Lectures
Lecture 1 – 42 transcriptions of Bell & Hocking notes

Second Semester: Phil 3b Lectures
Lecture 43 – 85 transcriptions of Bell & Hocking notes

Radcliffe Lectures: 1924–1925
First Semester: Phil 3b Lectures
Lectures 1 – 42 transcriptions of Heath notes

Second Semester: Phil 3b Lectures
Lectures 43 – 84 transcriptions of Heath notes

Graduate Seminary in Metaphysics, Phil 20h

October transcriptions of Hocking notes

Appendix: Sample scans of original handwritten notes

About the Author

Paul A. Bogaard retired from teaching after 40 years at Mount Allison University, having published on the philosophy of chemistry, history of science in Canada, ancient philosophy; and since retirement on the local history of the Chignecto area of Maritime Canada. A founding director of the Tantramar Heritage Trust, the Sackville Waterfowl Park, the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, and the UNESCO-designated Fundy Biosphere Reserve

Jason Bell is assistant professor of philosophy at the University of New Brunswick. He has taught in the graduate program at the Higher Institute of Philosophy at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium and at Mount Allison University in Canada, and has served at the University of Göttingen as Fulbright Professor, as scholar-in-residence at Boston University, as Onderzoeksfonds Research Fellow at the Husserl Archives, and as d’Alzon Fellow at Assumption College. He was awarded the doctorate in philosophy at Vanderbilt University. His research focuses on ethics and the relation of American and European philosophy.

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