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The Government of Scotland

Public Policy Making after Devolution

Michael Keating

Edition: 2

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A critical challenge to Scotland's new system of government is the making and implementation of public policy. This book offers a comprehensive account of the policy process in contemporary Scotland. There is a review of theories of policy-making, focusing on decentralised systems. The author then identifies the key actors and institutions, patterns of policy making, and the extent of convergence and divergence in comparison with England and other devolved territories.

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1. Public Policy and Devolution
2. The New Scottish Political System
3. Publics, Parties and Elections
4. The Policy Environment
5. Government and Parliament
6. Intergovernmental Policy Making
7. Getting and Spending
8. Policy Making in Practice
9. New Politics, New Policies?

About the Author

Michael Keating is Professor of Politics at the University of Aberdeen and the University of Edinburgh. He is a Fellow of the British Academy and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and an Academician of the Social Sciences. He has published extensively on European politics, nationalism and regionalism.


Second editions are often first editions plus some cosmetic changes and a few updates. Michael Keating's second edition of The Government of Scotland is much more than this. Of course it brings things up to date, including a nuanced analysis of the impact an SNP Government has had on politics and policy in Scotland. But it also develops much more strongly the theme of how politics and policy have become re-scaled within the state. Scotland appears here as an especially interesting case study of the territorialisation of 'policy community' and the embedding of a distinctive policy style. This is one of the best books on devolution so far.
- Charlie Jeffery, Head of School of Social and Political Science, Edinburgh University