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The Government and Politics of Wales

Russell Deacon, Alison Denton, Robert Southall

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The first textbook to explain the full range of operations in Welsh governance and politics for AS, A2 and undergraduate students

This new textbook explains Welsh devolution through the use of case studies, critical analysis and clear explanations of processes and terms. As the Welsh Assembly moves towards becoming a Welsh Parliament and the Welsh Government fashions a Welsh policy agenda, distinct from Westminster, students of British politics will learn how Welsh politics works in practice and how it is evolving.

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1. The Evolution of Welsh Devolution, Russell Deacon

2. Welsh Politics, Ideology and Political Parties, Alison Denton and Russell Deacon

3. The Story of Wales in Westminster and Europe, Russell Deacon

4. The Welsh Government – The Core Executive, Russell Deacon

5. The National Assembly, Russell Deacon

6. The National Assembly and the Law-Making Process, Russell Deacon

7. Wales and Elections, Alison Denton and Russell Deacon

8. Local Government, Lobbyists and the Third Sector, Rob Southall

9. Summary, Russell Deacon

Glossary of Key Terms

Bibliography and Suggested Reading

About the Author

Russell Deacon is Visiting Professor in Governance and Political History at the University of South Wales, Honorary Research Fellow at Swansea University and lecturers A-level Government and Politics at Coleg Gwent. He has worked at the National Assembly for Wales, in the civil service and as the administrative director of the think tank Gorwel. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Association. He has served on the board of a number of organisations including the British Liberal Political Studies Group, Liberal History Society, History Research Wales and the Board of Welsh Political Archives at the National Library of Wales. Deacon is the author of a number of books and other texts on British and Welsh government and politics.

Alison Denton is a senior examiner for WJEC for both history and politics A levels and is a freelance educational advisor. She has taught A-level politics for 35 years. She has produced resources for publication for the Historical Association and the BBC.

Robert Southall is Senior Examiner for Government and Politics with WJEC. He has lectured in A Level Government and Politics and Sociology at the Crosskeys Campus of Coleg Gwent for over 20 years. He has been a member of the Institute of Welsh Affairs for over 15 years and was founding secretary of the Gwent branch in 2003 and is currently Chair. In 2010, he founded Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society and fought a successful campaign to safeguard the Iron Age hill fort at Twmbarlwm near Risca. He is currently engaged in a project researching the ancient abandoned farmstead on Mynydd Maen in south-east Wales.

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