The Gothic and Theory

An Edinburgh Companion

Edited by Jerrold E. Hogle, Robert Miles

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Provides a scholarly account of the striking interplay between the Gothic and theory over two-and-a-half centuries

This collection provides a thorough representation of the early and ongoing conversation between Gothic and theory – philosophical, aesthetic, psychological and cultural – both in the many modes of Gothic and in many of the realms of theory now current in the modern world. Each essay focuses on a particular kind of theory–Gothic relationship, every one of which has a history and each of which is still being explored in enactments of the Gothic and of theory today.

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    The Gothic-Theory Conversation: An Introduction - Jerrold E. Hogle

    Part I: The Gothic, Theory, and History
    1. History / Genealogy / Gothic: Godwin, Scott, and Their Progeny - Robert Miles
    2. The Gothic in and as Race Theory - Maisha Wester
    3. Postcolonial Gothic in and as Theory - Alison Rudd

    Part II: The Gothic of Psychoanalysis and its Exfoliations
    4. The Gothic Body Before and After Freud - Steven Bruhm
    5. Abjection as Gothic and the Gothic as Abjection - Jerrold E. Hogle

    Part III: Feminism, Gender Theory, Sexuality, and the Gothic
    6. Unsettling Feminism: The Savagery of Gothic - Catherine Spooner
    7. Gothic Fiction and Queer Theory - George E. Haggerty

    Part IV. Theorizing the Gothic in Modern Media
    8. The Gothic at the Heart of Film and Film Theory - Elisabeth Bronfen
    9. Techo-Terrors and the Emergence of Cyber-Gothic - Anya Heise-von der Lippe

    Part V: The Gothic Before and After Poststructuralism
    10. The Gothic as a Theory of Symbolic Exchange - David Collings
    11. Incorporations: The Gothic and Deconstruction - Tilottama Rajan
    12.Dark Materialism: Gothic Objects, Commodities, and Things - Fred Botting
    13. Thinking the Thing: The Outer Reaches of Knowledge in Lovecraft and Deleuze - Anna Powell
    14. Gothic and the Question of Ethics: Otherness, Alterity, Violence - Dale Townshend

    Part VI: The Gothic-Theory Relationship in Retrospect and Prospect
    15. On the Threshold of Gothic: A Reflection - David Punter

    This delightful collection of essays illuminates the symbiotic nature of the relationship between the Gothic and Theory. The editors are to be congratulated on assembling what is sure to become an indispensable volume for both students and scholars of the Gothic and of Theory.

    Angela Wright, University of Sheffield
    Jerrold E. Hogle is Professor of English and University Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona in the USA and Past President of the International Gothic Association. His published books include Shelley’s Process (1988), The Undergrounds of The Phantom of the Opera (2002), and both The Cambridge Companion to Gothic Fiction and The Cambridge Companion to the Modern Gothic.

    Robert Miles is Professor of English at the University of Victoria in British Columbia and Past President of the International Gothic Association. His published books include Gothic Writing 1750-1820: A Genealogy (1993), Ann Radcliffe: The Great Enchantress (1995), and Romantic Misfits (2008). He is the co-editor, with E.J. Clery, of Gothic Documents: A Sourcebook 1700-1820 (2000).

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