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The Foreign Policy of Islamist Political Parties

Ideology in Practice

Edited by Mohamed-Ali Adraoui
Preface by Olivier Roy

Paperback (Forthcoming)
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Asks how representatives of Political Islam are conducting themselves in the field of international politics

  • Includes a Preface by Olivier Roy
  • The first up-to-date, detailed analysis of how Islamist forces in the Middle East try to redefine the relationships of power within the international system post-2010
  • Looks at how Islamist ideology has evolved in the face of reality (e.g. opening up to democratic principles or co-operating with non-Muslim states)
  • Analyses the ways in which political Islam’s actors put their ideology into practice with regard to foreign policy and IR

Does political Islam have a specific vision of global politics? How has the foreign policy of Islamist forces developed in order to impose their ideas onto the diplomatic agenda of other countries? How do these actors perceive the world, international affairs, and the way Islamic countries should engage with the international system?

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Preface; Olivier Roy

Introduction: Islamists and International Relations: a dialectical relationship?; Mohamed-Ali Adraoui

Chapter 1: The Islamists of Morocco’s Party of Justice and Development and the foreign policy problem: between structural constraints and economic imperatives; Haoues Seniguer

Chapter 2: The foreign policy of Tunisia’s Ennahdha: constancy and changes; Maryam Ben Salem

Chapter 3: The foreign policy of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood; Tewfik Aclimandos

Chapter 4: Islam and resistance: the uses of ideology in the foreign policy of Hamas; Leila Seurat

Chapter 5: A fighting Shiism faces the world: the foreign policy of Hezbollah; Aurélie Daher

Chapter 6: Identity of the state, national interest, and foreign policy: Diplomatic actions and practices of Turkey’s AKP party sinnce 2002; Jean-Baptiste Le Moulec and Aude Signoles

About the Author

Mohamed-Ali Adraoui is a Political Scientist working on contemporary International Relations. Currently a Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellow at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, his ongoing research deals with the US foreign policy towards Islamism. Prior to this he was Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute and a Senior Fellow at the National University of Singapore.

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