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The European Union and South Korea

The Legal Framework for Strengthening Trade, Economic and Political Relations

Edited by James Harrison

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Offers insights into the state of EU-Korea relations and considers potential lessons for other bilateral and regional initiatives

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List of contributors
List of Tables and Figures
Table of Principal Treaties
Part I: The Legal and Policy Context for EU-Korea Relations
1. An Introduction to the Legal Framework for EU-Korea Relations, James Harrison
2. The EU-Korea FTA: The legal and policy framework in the European Union, Justyna Lasik and Colin Brown
3. The policy and institutional framework for FTA negotiations in the Republic of Korea, Younsik Kim
Part II: Trade and Economic Intergration Between the EU and Korea
4. Overview of the Korea-EU Free Trade Agreement, James Harrison
5. Trade in Goods under the EU-Korea FTA: Market Access and Regulatory Measures, Boris Rigod
6. Some Reflections on Competition and Subsidies under the EU-Korea FTA, Jae Ho Sung
7. The Legal Framework for Investment Protection between the European Union and Korea: towards a level playing field for investors? James Harrison
8. Innovations and Implications of the Trade and Sustainable Development Chapter in the EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement, Gracia Marín Durán
Part III: Beyon Trade and Economic Cooperation - Wider Issues in EU-Korea Relations
9. Overview of the EU-Korea Framework Agreement, James Harrison
10. A Common Institutional Framework for EU-Korea Relations, Young Lo Ko
11. Cooperation in the field of International Peace and Security: a newcomer to the legal framework for EU-Korea relations, Hae Won Jun
12. Environmental Cooperation between the EU and Korea, Elisa Morgera
13. The Legal Framework for EU- Korea Climate Change Cooperation: opportunities and challenges under the Framework Agreement and the Free Trade Agreement, David Rossati
14. Cooperation in the Field of Personal Data Protection: one world, one standard? Il Hwan Kim

About the Author

Dr James Harrison is a lecturer in international law at the University of Edinburgh. He has written broadly on international economic law, international environmental law, and international dispute settlement. Prior to entering academia, he worked for a small non-governmental organisation as a researcher on international trade law and policy.

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