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The European Court of Human Rights

Implementing Strasbourg’s Judgments on Domestic Policy

Edited by Dia Anagnostou

eBook (PDF) i

Considers the domestic implementation of court's judgments and their impact upon national laws, policies and institutions

Since the turn of the millennium, the European Court of Human Rights has been the transnational setting for a European-wide ‘rights revolution’. One of the most remarkable characteristics of the European Convention of Human Rights and its highly acclaimed judicial tribunal in Strasbourg is the extensive obligations of the contracting states to give observable effect to its judgments.

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The contributors
Introduction: Untangling the domestic implementation of the European Court of Human Rights’ judgments, Dia Anagnostou
Part I: Institutional Dynamics of Domestic Implementation: 1. The interrelationship between domestic judicial mechanisms and the Strasbourg Court rulings in Germany, Sebastian Müller and Christoph Gusy
2. Between political inertia and timid judicial activism: the attempts to overcome the Italian ‘implementation failure’, Serena Sileoni
3. The reluctant embrace: the impact of the European Court of Human Rights in post-communist Romania, Dragos, Bogdan and Alina Mungiu-Pippidi
Part II: Legal Mobilisation and the Political Context of Implementation: 4. European human rights case law and the rights of homosexuals, foreigners and immigrants in Austria, Kerstin Buchinger, Barbara Liegl and Astrid Steinkellner
5. Political opposition and judicial resistance to Strasbourg case law regarding minorities in Bulgaria, Yonko Grozev
6. Under what conditions do national authorities implement the European Court of Human Rights’ rulings? Religious and ethnic minorities in Greece, Dia Anagnostou and Evangelia Psychogiopoulou
7. A complicated affair: Turkey’s Kurds and the European Court of Human Rights, Dilek Kurban and Haldun Gülalp
8. The European Court of Human Rights and minorities in the United Kingdom: catalyst for change or hollow rhetoric?, Kimberley Brayson and Gabriel Swain
9. Politics, courts and society in the national implementation and practice of European Court of Human Rights case law, Dia Anagnostou
List of European Court of Human Rights judgments and European Commission on Human Rights cases

About the Author

Dia Anagnostou (Ph.D. Cornell University, Department of Government, 1999) is Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics at Panteion University of Social Sciences and Senior Research Fellow at the Hellenic Foundation of European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) in Athens. She has held research positions at Princeton University (1999–2000), and the European University Institute in Florence (most recently as Marie Curie Research Fellow in 2010–2012). Her research interests lie in the study of human rights, courts and social mobilisation, as well as in comparative politics of Southeast Europe, minorities and European integration.

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