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The End of Phenomenology

Metaphysics and the New Realism

Tom Sparrow

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Scrutinises speculative realism and phenomenology's distinct attempts to return the focus of philosophy to objects

Tom Sparrow shows how, in the 21st century, speculative realism aims to do what phenomenology could not: provide a philosophical method that disengages the human-centred approach to metaphysics in order to chronicle the complex realm of nonhuman reality.

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Series Editor’s Preface
Introduction: Once Again, What is Phenomenology?
1: "Realism" in Philosophy
2: The Rhetoric of Realism in Phenomenology
3: Phenomenology as Strong Correlationism
4: Phenomenology: A Philosophy of Access
5: Proliferating the Real
Conclusion: After the End of Phenomenology

About the Author

Tom Sparrow is a Visiting Instructor in the Department of Philosophy at Slippery Rock University, PA. He is the author of Plastic Bodies: Rebuilding Sensation After Phenomenology (with a foreword by Catherine Malabou), forthcoming with Open Humanities Press.


Tom Sparrow argues that phenomenology’s method results in idealism; descriptive analysis entails constitutive analysis. He then reviews the metaphysical realism variously argued in eight thinkers of the speculative realism movement. This valuable book not only offers readers a clear account of this important contemporary debate, but critically advances the arguments.

- Alphonso Lingis, Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, Pennsylvania State University

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