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The Edinburgh History of the Greeks, 1768 to 1913

The Long Nineteenth Century

Thomas W. Gallant

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Traces the rich social, cultural, economic and political history of the Greeks from 1768 to 1913

Shortlisted for the 2015 London Hellenic Prize

Often referred to as the ‘Long Nineteenth Century,’ this period witnessed the establishment of a Greek nation-state which had a profound impact on the Greeks everywhere.

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Series Editors Preface
1. The Winds of Change
2. New Greek Realities
3. The War that Change the Greek World
4. Contested State Formation (1832-1863)
5. Liberal Modernization: Successes and Failures (1863-1893)
6. The Social History of Every day Life
7. The Economy between Traditional and Modern
8. The Greek fin-de-siecle (1893-1913)
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About the Author

Thomas W. Gallant is Professor of Modern Greek History at the University of California, San Diego.


Thomas Gallant's History of the Greeks offers at one and the same time a book that can be taught in class as well as advance the knowledge of experts, read in the metro as well as discussed at academic conferences, engage unsuspecting readers as well as surprise specialists. His writing is not only bright and clear; it is also light and imbued with a sense of humour. When all is said and done, Gallant’s delve into the past has produced the most all-encompassing account of the Greek long nineteenth century yet to be written, a book that has genuine literary merit and at the same time can be usefully taught in class.

- Konstantina Zanou, Columbia University, Historen
A dramatic, entertaining narrative of war and revolution from the Greek enlightenment to the Balkan Wars.
shortlisted for the 2015 London Hellenic Prize
- London Hellenic Prize Committee

‘The story of how a nation – "The Greeks" – became a nation – "Greece" – told over Greece’s "long nineteenth century." Gallant deftly shows how diverse yet interwoven factors resulted in the modern country we call Greece – and how easily history could have taken different turns. An innovative approach, masterfully enacted, which results in a fascinating and fresh history.’


- K. E. Fleming, New York University

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