The Edinburgh Critical History of Nineteenth-Century Christian Theology

Edited by Daniel Whistler

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A conceptual survey of 19th-century theology and its relation to philosophy, natural science and social transformations

From the shadow of the Kantian critique it to the Oxford debates over Darwinism that shook the discipline to the core, and from the death of God to the rise of new Evangelical movements, 19th-century theology was fundamentally reshaped by both internal struggles and external developments.

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Editor’s IntroductionDaniel Whistler

1. The Death of GodLissa McCullough

2. The OutsideDaniel Whistler

3. SocietySusan Curtis

4. The UniversityGerard Loughlin

5. FreedomRegula Zwahlen

6. FetishRoland Boer

7. EvolutionBennett Zon

8. MiraclesRuth Barton

9. Transcendence and ImmanenceJohannes Zachhuber

10. MediationAndrew W. Hass

11. The Historical TurnGeorge Pattison

12. TraditionThomas Pfau

13. The HumanSteven Shakespeare

14. The Wisdom of the EastJoseph P. Lawrence

15. HomileticsJoshua Cockayne

16. DeificationKatya Tolstaya

17. MysticismBenjamin Dawson

18. LanguageKatie Terezakis


This volume offers a unique history of nineteenth-century Christian theology. Focusing on themes and problems rather than figures and great texts, the authors renew our understanding of theology. This volume is not merely for theologians, but philosophers, political theorists, and all those interested in how ideas shape our world.
Anthony Paul Smith, La Salle University
An enormously welcome entry in modern historical theology. This volume of essays – organised not in terms of prominent figures and movements, but rather around critical concepts that became key sites of contestation in the nineteenth century (and remain so today) – will long prove an invaluable resource for understanding the conditions under which Christian theology ‘attained modernity’.
Joel D. S. Rasmussen, University of Oxford
Daniel Whistler is Professor of Philosophy at Royal Holloway, University of London. He is author and editor of numerous volumes on eighteenth and nineteenth-century philosophy, including the three-volume Edinburgh Edition of the Complete Philosophical Works of François Hemsterhuis, The Schelling-Eschenmayer Controversy, 1801: Nature and Identity (EUP, 2020), The Edinburgh Critical History of Nineteenth-Century Christian Theology, The Schelling Reader (Bloomsbury, 2020) and the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Modern French Philosophy (Oxford University Press, 2022).

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