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The Edinburgh Companion to Scots

Edited by John Corbett, J. Derrick McClure, Jane Stuart-Smith

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The Edinburgh Companion to Scots is a comprehensive introduction to the study of older and present-day Scots language. The aim of the volume is to explain and illustrate methods of research into Scots and Scottish English. Topics include the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of contemporary speech in Scotland, and the investigation of Older Scots written texts. There is further coverage of issues such as modern literary Scots, language planning, placenames and personal names, and the development of Scots overseas. Each chapter gives a brief overview of the topic, and provides case studies to illustrate avenues of exploration for those beginning to develop research techniques. The book is designed as an accessible introduction to key issues and methods of investigation for undergraduate students interested in the way language has developed in Scotland.


1. A Brief History of Scots
John Corbett, J Derrick McClure, Jane Stuart-Smith
2. Scottish Place-names
Margaret Scott
3. Scottish Surnames
Carole Hough
4. Studying Scots Vocabulary
Caroline Macafee
5. Syntax and Discourse in Modern Scots
Jim Miller
6. The Phonology of Modern Urban Scots
Jane Stuart-Smith
7. The Phonology of Older Scots
Caroline Macafee, incorporating material from the late A.J. Aitken
8. Corpus-based Study of Older Scots Grammar and Lexis
Anneli Meurman-Solin
9. The Language of Older Scots Poetry
Jeremy J Smith
10. The Language of Modern Scots Poetry
J. Derrick McClure
11. The Scots Language Abroad
Michael Montgomery
12. Language Planning and Modern Scots
John Corbett.

About the Author

John Corbett is Professor of English at the University of Macau and a Senior Research Fellow of the University of Glasgow. He is the author of Language and Scottish Literature (1997) and he co-edited The Edinburgh Companion to Scots (2003).

J. Derrick McClure is a Reader at the University of Aberdeen

Jane Stuart-Smith is a Lecturer at the University of Glasgow.


A fine presentation of a matter of geolinguistic importance and especially the connection between identity politics and language
- Geolinguistics
A very lucid and accessible summary of the present state of knowledge and of the characteristics of this 'illustrious and malleable tongue' as R. L. Stevenson described it.
- Saltire
Covers a number of topics with considerable depth and clarity
- Edinburgh Review 113
This gaitherin o essays is a gey uissfu beuk for fowk mintin ti ken mair aboot the backgrun til Scots.
- Lallans