The Edinburgh Companion to Poststructuralism

Edited by Benoît Dillet, Iain MacKenzie, Robert Porter

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Your one-stop guide to poststructuralism: where it came from, what it’s achieved and where it’s going

Written by experts in their field, this Companion surveys the challenges and provocations raised by the major voices of poststructuralism: Foucault, Deleuze, Derrida, Cixous, Lyotard, Guattari, Kristeva, Irigaray, Barthes and Baudrillard. Thematically organised and clearly written, it will guide students and researchers in philosophy, literature, art, geography, politics, sociology, law, film and cultural studies around the nature and contemporary relevance of poststructuralism.

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Introduction, Benoît Dillet, Iain MacKenzie and Robert Porter
PART 1: EMERGENCE, 1. Poststructuralism and Modern European Philosophy, Simon Lumsden, 2. From Marxism to Poststructuralism, Simon Choat, 3. From Structuralism to Poststructuralism, Craig Lundy
PART 2: METHODS, 4. A History of the Method: Examining Foucault’s Research Methodology, Nick Hardy, 5. Derrida, Deconstruction and Method, John W. Phillips, 6. Écriture Féminine, Zoë Brigley Thompson, 7. Schizoanalysis: An Incomplete Project, Ian Buchanan
Structure and Subject
8. Structure and Subject, Caroline Williams
9. How do we Recognize the Subject?, Nathan Widder, 10. Foucault: The Culture of Self, Subjectivity and Truth-Telling Practices, A. C. (Tina) Besley
Language and Text
11. Derrida’s Language: Play, Différance and (Con)text, Nicole Anderson, 12. Hélène Cixous and the Play of Language, Tara Puri, 13. Luce Irigaray: An Ode to A-(Luce), Yvette Russell
Form and Institution
14. Photography and Poststructuralism: the Indexical and Iconic Sign System, Sarah Edge, 15. Deleuze and the Image of Film Theory, Conn Holohan, 16. The Museum of Now, Anna Cutler, 17. Institutions, Semiotics and the Politics of Subjectivity, Michael A. Peters
Resistance and Limit, 18. ‘Here and Nowhere’: Poststructuralism, Resistance and Utopia, George Sotiropoulos, 19. The Powers of the Outside in Deleuze and Cixous, Véronique Bergen, 20. Lyotard, Nihilism, History , Corinne Enaudeau
PART 4: TRAJECTORIES, 21. The Receptions of Poststructuralism, Paul Bowman, 22. From Liberation Theory to Postcolonial Theory: The Poststructuralist Turn, Caroline Rooney, 23. The Pharmacology of Poststructuralism: an Interview with Bernard Stiegler, Bernard Stiegler and Benoît Dillet
Conclusion: Poststructuralism Today?, Benoît Dillet, Iain MacKenzie and Robert Porter
Notes on the Contributors
Comprehensive, insightful and up-to-date, The Edinburgh Companion to Poststructuralism is an indispensable volume for anyone researching or teaching in the field. Something that makes this work so engaging is that its contributors do not shy away from taking clear stances on issues pertaining to the figures discussed; but this only serves to lend an air of relevance and urgency to the volume—characteristics often lacking in weighty tomes of this nature… [An] immersive exploration of the many facets of the ongoing event of poststructuralist thought.
Jeff Brown, George Brown College, Philosophy in Review
This is a subtle and deep response to the question of how to define poststructuralism. It brings together experts from many fields in drawing out clear yet challenging assessments of significant figures and problems of the movement. Readers will benefit greatly from the erudition and thoughtfulness of its international contributors.
James Williams, University of Dundee
The editors have provided a remarkable update on what they dub the "post-structuralist event." Eminently readable, this book renews our relationship with key thinkers in Continental philosophy, providing essays that give evidence to the claim that the event of post-structuralism is still to come.
Peter Gratton, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Benoît Dillet is Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS), University of Freiburg, Germany. He is co-editor of Technologiques: La Pharmacie de Bernard Stiegler (Cécile Defaut, 2013) and The Edinburgh Companion to Poststructuralism (Edinburgh University Press, 2013; paperback).

Iain MacKenzie is a Lecturer in Politics, School of Politics and International Relations, University of Kent.

Robert Porter is a Lecturer within the Centre for Media Research at the University of Ulster.

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