The Edinburgh Companion to Political Realism

Edited by Robert Schuett, Miles Hollingworth

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The first reference work to explore the 2000-year history of political realism and reassess its place in today’s world
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Political realism is a highly diverse body of international relations theory. This substantial reference work examines political realism in terms of its history, its scientific methodology and its normative role in international affairs.

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Part I: Political Realism and the Political

1. Political Realism and Human NatureErica Benner

2. Political Realism and the Western MindZhao Tingyang

3. Political Realism and Strategic TheorySamir Puri

4. Political Realism and RealpolitikJohn Bew

5. Political Realism and IdeologyDavid Martin Jones

6. Political Realism and Civil-military RelationsLindsay P. Cohn

7. Political Realism and the English SchoolJodok Troy

8. Political Realism and Global ReformWilliam Scheuerman

Part II: Political Realism and Political Thinking

9. ThucydidesNeville Morley

10. KautilyaStuart Gray

11. LivyAyelet Haimson-Lushkov

12. Augustine of HippoMiles Hollingworth

13. Niccolò MachiavelliMarkus Fischer

14. William ShakespeareTim Spiekerman

15. Thomas HobbesKody W. Cooper

16. Jean-Jacques RousseauGrace G. Roosevelt

17. Friedrich NietzschePaul E. Kirkland

18. Max WeberChristopher Adair-Toteff

19. Walter LippmannAlan Chong

20. Reinhold NiebuhrMenno R. Kamminga

21. E. H. CarrKonstantinos Kostagiannis

22. Leo StraussRobert Howse

23. Herbert ButterfieldKenneth B. McIntyre

24. Hans KelsenRobert Schuett

25. Raymond AronChristopher Adair-Toteff

26. George F. KennanDavid A. Mayers

27. Hans J. MorgenthauFelix Roesch

28. Hannah ArendtDouglas Klusmeyer

29. John H. HerzPeter M. R. Stirk

30. Isaiah BerlinJoshua Cherniss

Part III: Political Realism and Foreign Policy

31. Political Realism and Threat PerceptionJohn Mueller

32. Political Realism and RussiaDavid Kerr

33. Political Realism and ChinaDerek Yuen

34. Political Realism and IranMarzieh Kouhi Esfahani

35. Political Realism and IsraelUriel Abulof

36. Political Realism and IndiaRashed Uz Zaman

37. Political Realism and JapanMasa Okuyama

38. Political Realism and RegionalismDavid Martin Jones

39. Political Realism and NationalismPeter Iver Kaufman

40. Political Realism and ReligionCecelia Lynch

41. Political Realism and the EnvironmentTom Switzer

42. Political Realism and the InternetRichard Forno

43. Political Realism and TerrorismAlex S. Wilner

44. Political Realism and the Open SocietyTodd Breyfogle


Robert Schuett is a Visiting Fellow in the Department of Political Science at the University of Salzburg. He has a Ph.D. from the School of Government and International Affairs at Durham University. His research and teaching interests are International Relations theory and foreign-policy realism. Recent publications include The Edinburgh Companion to Political Realism (Edinburgh University Press, 2018) and The Concept of the State in International Relations (Edinburgh University Press, 2015). He lives and works in Vienna.

Miles Hollingworth is an independent scholar, currently living in Northern Italy. He is the author of Ludwig Wittgenstein (Oxford University Press, 2018), Inventing Socrates (Bloomsbury, 2015), Saint Augustine of Hippo (Oxford University Press, 2013) and The Pilgrim City (Bloomsbury, 2010). He is the founder and series editor of Reading Augustine (Bloomsbury, 2017–).

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