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The Edinburgh Companion to James Kelman

Edited by Scott Hames

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James Kelman is one of the most important Scottish writers now living. His fiction is widely acclaimed, and widely caricatured. His art declares war on stereotypes, but is saddled with plenty of its own.

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Part I. Literary Forms
1. Early Kelman: Influences and Experiments
2. How late it was, how late and Literary Value
3. Narrative Limits: Kelman's Later Novels
4. Kelman and the Short Story
5. Critical and Polemical Writing
6. Kelman's Drama. Part II. Critical Contexts
7. Kelman's Glasgow Sentence
8. Kelman's Art-Speech
9. Kelman and World English
10. Kelman and Masculinity
11. Kelman and the Existentialists.

About the Author

Scott Hames is Lecturer in the Department of English Studies at the University of Stirling. He co-edits the International Journal of Scottish Literature.


"...this volume contributes significantly to the body of criticism his work continues to attract."

- Years Work in English Studies, vol 91, no 1, 2012

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