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The Edinburgh Companion to Ezra Pound and the Arts

Edited by Roxana Preda

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Showcases Ezra Pound’s close involvement with the arts throughout his career

The present volume of new, interdisciplinary scholarship investigates the arts with which Pound had a lifelong interaction including architecture, ballet, cinema, music, painting, photography and sculpture. Divided into 5 historically and thematically arranged sections, the 28 chapters foreground the shifting significance of art forms throughout Pound’s life which he spent in London, Paris, Rapallo and Washington.

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1. ‘Mermaids, that carving’: Pound and Italian Art - Giuliana Ferreccio
2. ‘Templum Aedificavit’: Pound and Architecture - Stephen Romer
3. Ezra Pound and East Asian Art - Mark Byron
4. Ezra Pound and Old Music - Charles Timbrell
5. Ezra Pound: Premier Danseur by Proxy - Evelyn Haller
6. Time, Speed, Precision, and the Poetry of the Everyday; or, Ezra Pound’s Cinema Aesthetic - Bruce Elder


7. Ezra Pound and 19th Century Aestheticism: Sharing ‘Breath for Beauty and the Arts’ with Rossetti and Pater - Sara Dunton and Demetres Tryphonopoulos
8. Ezra Pound and James McNeill Whistler: Modernism and Conceptual Art - Jo Brantley Berryman
9. Pound and Walter Rummel - Charles Timbrell
10. ‘Museum Pieces’: Laurence Binyon, Ezra Pound, and the Visual Arts - Justin Kishbaugh
11. Into the Vortex: Ezra Pound, Anarchism and the Ideological Project of Art Criticism - Mark Antliff
12. ‘Intelligence … shut in by the entrenched forces of stupidity’: Pound and Wyndham Lewis - Paul Edwards
13. Vorticist Photography or The Three Angles of Pound and Coburn - Ira Nadel
14. ‘Creation and Action’: Ezra Pound and Italian Futurism - Sean Mark
15. Pound and Kandinsky: The Inner Necessity of a Terrestrial Paradise - Jack Baker
16. Agnes Bedford: An Invisible Helpmate - Stephen Adams

III. PARIS 1921-1924

17. Constantin Brâncuşi Vorticist: Sculpture, Art Criticism, Poetry - Roxana Preda
18. Percussive Music for a Triangle. Ezra Pound's Relationship with George Antheil and Olga Rudge - Mauro Piccinini
19. ‘Like coins out of circulation’: Reframing Ezra Pound’s Le Testament - Scott Klein
20. Pound as Music Theorist: Antheil and the Treatise on Harmony - Gemma Moss
21. The Expansion of a Theory: Great Bass and Ballet mécanique - Margaret Fisher
22. Renaissance Man’s Performance Practice: Ezra Pound’s Search for a Contemporary Colour Palette Through His Solo Violin Works - Leslee Smucker


23. Pound’s Artistic Thinking and Relations in Italy, 1925-1945 - Massimo Bacigalupo
24. Music Recollected: Ezra Pound’s Cavalcanti - Charles Mundye
25. Vida Sin Fin: Ezra Pound and Gerhart Münch - Roxana Preda and Heriberto Cruz Cornejo


26. Sheri Martinelli: The White Goddess - Alec Marsh
27. ‘Art in the Solid’: Ezra Pound and Michael Lekakis - Galateia Demetriou
28. A ‘Transference of Power’: Ezra Pound and the Cinema of Hollis Frampton - Daniel Hackbarth

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About the Author

Roxana Preda is Researcher and Leverhulme Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and currently engaged in work on The Cantos Project, a digital research environment dedicated to Ezra Pound’s major poem, The Cantos. She currently serves as the President of Ezra Pound Society and is senior editor of the society digital quarterly, Make It New, which she created in 2014.


This encyclopedic Companion is an eloquent testament to the astonishing range of Pound’s life-long reception of the arts from Quattrocento sculpture to individual artists like Whistler and Kandinsky, to avant-garde cinema, ballet, and chamber music. Both archival and analytical, the Companion provides us with a new understanding of Pound’s very particular aesthetic in its specific cultural contexts.

- Marjorie Perloff, author of The Futurist Moment:Avant-Garde,Avant Guerre and the Language of Rupture

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