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The Edinburgh Companion to Contemporary Liberalism

Edited by Mark Evans

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A major new reference volume - The Edinburgh Companion to Contemporary Liberalism is the premier collection of material on a comprehensive range of topics in contemporary liberalism.

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Part One: 'The Liberal Trajectory'
1. Issues and Trends in Contemporary Liberalism
Mark Evans (University of Swansea)
2. Twentieth-Century Liberal Thought
Michael Freeden (University of Oxford)
Part Two: Citizenship: Universalism and Particularism
3. Human Rights and Ethnocultural Justice
Will Kymlicka (Queen's University, Ontario)
4. Liberalism and Citizenship
Andrew Vincent (University of Cardiff)
5. Liberalism and the Power of the Nation
Margaret Canovan (University of Keele)
6. Liberal Citizenship and Feminism
Andrea Baumeister (University of Stirling)
Part Three: Justice: Identity and Distribution
7. Liberalism and the Politics of Recognition
Jonathan Seglow (Royal Holloway and Bedford New College)
8. The Essential Indeterminacy of Rawls's Difference Principle
Rex Martin (University of Kansas)
9. Rawlsian Theory, Contemporary Marxism and the Difference Principle
Rodney G. Peffer (University of San Diego)
Part Four: Problems of Liberal Justification
10. Disenchantment and the Liberalism of Fear
Peter Lassman (University of Birmingham)
11. Pragmatist Liberalism and the Evasion of Politics
Mark Evans (University of Swansea)
12. Liberalism and Contingency
Bruce Haddock (University of Swansea)
Part Five: Liberalism versus Republicanism?
13. Back to the Future: Pluralism and the Republican Alternative to Liberalism
Richard Bellamy (University of Reading)
14. Accommodating Republicanism
David Ramussen (Boston College, Massachusetts)
Part Six: The 'Autonomous Individual': Feminist Critiques and Liberal Replies
15. Liberalism, Feminism, Enlightenment
Kate Soper (University of North London)
16. Feminism and Women's Autonomy
Diana Tietjens Meyers (University of Connecticut)
Part Seven: Liberalism Beyond the Nation-State
17. Civil Association: The European Union as a Supranational Liberal Legal Order
Robert Bideleux (University of Swansea)
18. The Idea of a Liberal-Democratic Peace
Howard Williams (University of Aberystwyth)
19. Constructing International Community
Peter Sutch (University of Cardiff)
Part Eight: 'New Directions for Liberal Thinking'
20. Liberalism and Postcommunism
Richard Sakwa (University of Kent, Canterbury)
21. Liberalism, Ecocentrism, and Persons
Brian Baxter (University of Dundee)
22. A Liberal Theory of the Good Life
Mark Evans (University of Swansea)

About the Author

Mark Evans is Lecturer in Political Theory at the University of Wales, Swansea and author of Liberal Justifications.