The Deleuze Dictionary Revised Edition

Edited by Adrian Parr

Edition: 2

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This is the first and only dictionary dedicated to the work of Gilles Deleuze. It provides an in-depth and lucid introduction to one of the most influential figures in continental philosophy. It defines and contextualises more than 150 terms that relate to Deleuze's philosophy and explains the main intellectual influences on Deleuze as well as the influence Deleuze has had on subjects such as feminism, cinema, postcolonial theory, geography and cultural studies. In this revised edition, there are expanded entries on architecture, cinema and psychoanalysis – key areas where interest in Deleuze has grown in recent years.

Entries A-Z
Notes on Contributors.
A most helpful guide to a complex writer, and the entries are clear and unpatronising, even for newcomers. A work, in its revised form, worth acquiring by academic and research libraries.
Reference Reviews
A remarkable dictionary arranged creatively and rigorously by concept-terms in such a way that the distinct expertise of multiple distinguished scholars inflects each concept.
Eleanor Kaufman, University of California, Los Angeles
If the philosophy is the strata or plane for the production of concepts, this new revised Deleuze Dictionary is philosophy at its most creative: here key concepts from Deleuze's writings are illuminated and made to undertake new work, opening up new questions and new provocations. Strongly recommended both for those new to Deleuze's rich writings and to those already familiar with and excited by his profoundly original thought.
Elizabeth Grosz, Rutgers University
Adrian Parr is Professor of Critical Theory at the University of Cincinnati. She is the editor of The Deleuze Dictionary (EUP, 2005), and with Ian Buchanan of Deleuze and the Contemporary World (EUP, 2006). She is the author of Exploring the Work of Leonardo da Vinci within the Context of Contemporary Philosophical Thought and Art (Edwin Mellen Press, 2003).

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