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The Decadent Short Story

An Annotated Anthology

Edited by Kostas Boyiopoulos, Yoonjoung Choi, Matthew Brinton Tildesley

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The first anthology of Decadent short stories reflecting a variety of fin de siècle themes

This wide-ranging anthology showcases for the first time the short story as the most attractive genre for British writers who experimented with Decadent themes and styles. From familiar writers such as Ernest Dowson, Arthur Symons and Oscar Wilde to less well known writers such as Charles Ricketts, Victoria Cross and Ella D’Arcy, the 36 stories demonstrate ideas of class, gender, sexuality, and science as well as the Gothic, social satire, Symbolist fantasy, fairy tale, Naturalism/Realism, Impressionism, erotica, and the scientific romance. The selections represent the important role that magazine culture played in the unprecedented explosion of the Decadent short story in the 1890s. A full introductory essay sets the scene, while an introduction and endnotes for each story and explanatory material at the end of the book – including a chronologically arranged and annotated list of Aesthetic and Decadent stories and a select bibliography – make this anthology stand out.

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List of Illustrations
Note on the Texts
The Stories
i) Little Magazines
ii) Other sources
Background Sources
Further Reading: A Timeline
Select Bibliography

About the Author

Kostas Boyiopoulos is Teaching Associate at the Department of English Studies, Durham University. His main research specialisms are fin-de-siècle Decadence and Aestheticism, and Anglo-Continental literary transactions. He is a co-editor of The Decadent Short Story: An Annotated Anthology (Edinburgh UP, 2014) and the essay collection Decadent Romanticism (Ashgate, 2015). He has published a number of articles on late Victorian and Modernist topics.

Dr Yoonjoung Choi is a Teaching Associate at Durham University. He has published articles on Oscar Wilde and on H. G. Wells in The Explicator, Critical Survey and The Wellsian and is writing a monograph on Romance, Readership, and Class in H. G. Wells.

Dr Matthew Brinton Tildesley is Assistant Professor of English Literature at Hanuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea. He has published articles on fin de siècle topics in The Wildean, the Bulletin of the Emile Zola Society and in the Dictionary of Nineteenth Century Journalism.

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