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The Culture of Letter-Writing in Pre-Modern Islamic Society

Adrian Gully

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The Culture of Letter-Writing in Pre-Modern Islamic Society received an honourable mention from the British-Kuwait Friendship Society at BRISMES 2009

Writing letters was an important component of intellectual life in the Middle Islamic period, telling us much about the cultural history of pre-modern Islamic society. This book offers a unique analysis of letter-writing, focusing on the notion of the power of the pen. The author looks at the wider context of epistolography, relating it to the power structures of Islamic society in that period. He also attempts to identify some of the similarities and differences between Muslim modes of letter-writing and those of western cultures.

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Note on Dates
1. The Foundations of Letter-Writing in Pre-Modern Islamic Society
2. Epistolary Prose, Poetry and Oratory: Essentials of the Debate
3. The Power of the Pen and the Primacy of Script
4. The Composition Secretary: Background and Status
5. The Composition Secretary: Moral and Inner Qualities
6. Bal?\a, Epistolary Structure and Style
7. Epistolary Protocol

About the Author

Adrian Gully is a Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne. He is the author of Grammar and Semantics in Medieval Arabic (1995) and co-author of Modern Written Arabic: A Comprehensive Grammar (2004).