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The Correspondence of Thomas Reid

Thomas Reid
Edited by Paul Wood


Thomas Reid (1710-96) is now recognized as one of the towering figures of the Enlightenment. Best known for his published writings on epistemology and moral theory, he was also an accomplished mathematician and natural philosopher, as an earlier volume of his manuscripts edited by Paul Wood for the Edinburgh Reid Edition, Thomas Reid on the Animate Creation, has shown.

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About the Author

Paul Wood has published widely on the Scottish Enlightenment and particularly extensively on the work of Thomas Reid. He has edited two volumes in the Edinburgh Edition of Thomas Reid.


The latest volume of the Edinburgh Edition of Thomas Reid collects 103 letters from Reid, twenty-one letters addressed to him, and seven letters which are neither by Reid nor addressed to him, but which touch closely on aspects of his life or writings… thirty-four of the letters from Reid, and nineteen of those to him, are previously unpublished … Paul Wood's beautifully edited volume [where possible] has returned to the manuscripts. The result is an exceedingly clean text of every extant letter to or from Reid. Explanatory and textual notes for each letter are given at the end of the book and are always helpful.
The letters provide intriguing insights into Reid's philosophical and scientific development but, as expected when studying a body of correspondence, one is most struck by the endearing elements of personality that filter through the letters…The critical material presented by Wood is invaluable. He appends nearly sixty pages of explanatory notes to these letters in which he does everything that one could reasonably expect an editor of such a volume to do

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