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The Common and Counter-Hegemonic Politics

Re-Thinking Social Change

Alexandros Kioupkiolis

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Introduces agonistic theory and hegemony into contemporary debates on the common

Alexandros Kioupkiolis re-conceptualises the common in tandem with the political. By engaging with key thinkers of community and the commons, he harnesses the political thrust of a radical democratic politics of solidarity, equality and collective self-organisation. He calls into play poststructuralist conceptions of agonism and hegemony to remedy the failure of existing theories of the commons' to address power relations and division.

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Preface: The Long Run


  1. Commoning the Political, Politicising the Common
    Community and the Political in J. L. Nancy, R. Esposito, G. Agamben, E. Laclau and C. Mouffe
  2. From the Commons to Another Politics of Egalitarian Autonomy
    Common Pool Resources, Digital and Anticapitalist Commons, from E. Ostrom to Marxist Autonomism
  3. Common and Communism: Political Theories For Radical Change
    From Hardt & Negri, Dardot & Laval to Badiou and Žižek
  4. Taking on Hegemony and the Political
  5. Reclaiming Post-Marxist Hegemony for the Commons
  6. Movements Post-Hegemony
  7. Common Democracy
    Political Representation and Government as Commons


About the Author

Alex Kioupkiolis is Assistant Professor of Contemporary Political Theory in the School of Political Sciences at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His research focuses on contemporary social movements, radical democracy, the commons, and alternative conceptions of politics. He is the author of Freedom After the Critique of Foundations: Marx, Liberalism and Agonistic Autonomy (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012) and the principal investigator of the 2017–2020 international research project Heteropolitics (ERC COG 2016), which enquires into civic self-organisation, the commons and municipalist processes in the European South.

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