The Collected Poems of Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield
Edited by Gerri Kimber, Claire Davison

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This first complete edition of Katherine Mansfield’s poetry

This edition is made up of 217 poems, ordered chronologically, so that the reader can follow Mansfield’s development as a poet and her experiments with different forms as well as trace the themes such as love and death, the natural world and the seasons, childhood and friendship, music and song which preoccupied her throughout her writing life. The comprehensive annotations provide illuminating biographical information as well as explaining the rich contexts of the European poetic tradition, including fin de siècle decadence, within which her artistry is steeped.

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Collection: Little Fronds
The Sea
The Three Monarchs
A Fragment
Love’s Entreaty
To M
Battle Hymn
The Chief’s Bombay Tiger
To Ping Pong by J.E.C.
To a Little Child
In the Darkness
The Springtime
To Grace
An Escapade Undertaken by A Green Raspberry, & A Kidney Bean
The Old Inkstand
Friendship (2)
The Song of My Lady
The Old Year and the New Year
‘This is my world, this room of mine’
‘Dear friend’
‘What, think you, causes me truest Joy’
The Students’ Room
‘To those who can understand her’
A Common Ballad
‘I constantly am hearing’
The [. . .] Child of the Sea
Collection: Children’s book of verse
Verses of Little Q
One Day
‘The little boy’
‘The sunlight shone in golden beams’
A Young Ladies Version of The Cards
The Bath Baby
‘This is just a little song’
‘I have a little garden plot’
A Fine Day
A New Hymn
The Black Monkey
The Family
‘When I was little’
The Clock
The Letter
The Birthday Present
The Pillar Box
Song by the Window Before Bed
The Funeral
A Little Boy’s Dream
Winter Song
On a Young Lady’s Sixth Anniversary
Song of the Little White Girl
A Few Rules for Beginners
A Day in Bed
A Joyful Song of Five!
The Candle Fairy
The Last Thing
A Quarrel
A Song for Our Real Children
Grown Up Talks
You won’t understand this – ’cause you’re a Boy
The Lonesome Child
Evening Song of the Thoughtful Child
Autumn Song
‘Out here it is the Summer time’
‘London London I know what I shall do’
A Fairy Tale
In the Rangitaiki Valley
‘Red as the wine of forgotten ages’
The Grandmother
Little Brother’s Secret
The Man with the Wooden Leg
Little Brother’s Story
The Candle
When I was a Bird
‘Lo I am standing the test’
Why Love is Blind
‘Out to the glow of the sunset, brother’
In the Tropics
‘I am quite happy for you to see’
To Pan
October (To V.M.B.)
‘You ask me for a picture of my room’
Words for T.W.T.
A Sad Truth
A Song of Summer
The Winter Fire
In the Church
The Lilac Tree
On the Sea Shore
The Trio
The Arabian Shawl
Sleeping Together
The Quarrel (2)
Spring Wind in London
‘I could find no rest’
Florian nachdenklich
To Stanislaw Wyspianski
Song of Karen the Dancing Child
The Sea-Child
Sea Song
‘A Gipsy’s camp was in the copse’
Collection: The Earth Child
I: ‘It has rained all day’
II: In the very early morning
III: ‘Through the dark forest we walked apart and silently’
IV: ‘The Sea called – I lay on the rocks and said’
V: ‘In an opal dream cave I found a fairy’
VI: ‘The fields are snowbound no longer’
VII: ‘My belovéd rose out of the river’
VIII: ‘The tassels of the broom swept the long hillside’
IX: ‘In a narrow path of a wood I met a witch’
X: ‘When my plant grew too big for the flowerpot’
XI: ‘The door of your room is never opened’
XII: ‘Across the red sky two birds flying’
XIII: ‘I ran to the forest for shelter’
XIV: ‘A little wind crept round the house’
XV: ‘Why are you smiling so?’
XVI: ‘From a far distant land’
XVII: ‘You put your hands behind your back’
XVIII: ‘There are days when the longing for you’
XIX: ‘Night came – I opened my eyes’
XX: ‘There was a child once’
XXI: ‘A jar of daffodils stood on the piano’
XXII: ‘In the swiftly moving sleigh’
XXIII: ‘Round me in a ring’
XXIV: ‘How quiet the Grandmother’s hands’
XXV: ‘In the purple heather’
XXVI: ‘How far have you come’
XXVII: ‘In the savage heart of the bush
XXVIII: ‘I had company tonight’
To God the Father
Yesterday in Autumn
Jangling Memory
The Changeling
Thought Dreams
To K. M.
‘The world is beautiful tonight’
Mr Richard Le Gallienne
Mr Alfred Austin
Love Cycle
‘And Mr Wells’
‘She has thrown me the knotted flax’
The Secret
The Awakening River
Very Early Spring
Where did you get that hat?
Song of the Camellia Blossoms
The Last Lover
Scarlet Tulips
‘William (P.G.) is very well’
The Meeting
‘These be two countrywomen’
‘Most merciful God’
The Deaf House Agent
‘Toujours fatiguée, Madame?’
‘Twenty to twelve, says our old clock’
To L.H.B.
‘Last night for the first time since you were dead’
The Gulf
Villa Pauline
Camomile Tea
The Town Between the Hills
Voices of the Air!
‘Lives like logs of driftwood’
A Victorian Idyll
Night-Scented Stock
‘Now I am a Plant, a Weed’
‘Out in the Garden’
‘There is a solemn wind tonight’
‘So that mysterious mother, faint with sleep’
A Version from Heine
The Butterfly
Strawberries and the Sailing Ship
Dame Seule
Verses Writ in a Foreign Bed
To Anne Estelle Rice
Fairy Tale
Covering Wings
Tedious Brief Adventure of K.M.
Men and Women
Sorrowing Love
A Little Girl’s Prayer
Secret Flowers
The New Husband
He wrote
Et Après
The Ring
Old-Fashioned Widow’s Song
By all the laws of the M. & P.
Winter Bird
The Wounded Bird

This excellent edition of Katherine Mansfield’s Collected Poems by two of the finest scholars in the field, with its inclusion of recently discovered and previously unpublished work, and comprehensive notes, offers a new view of Mansfield’s talent in this genre and will suggest fresh approaches to her work as a whole.

C.K. Stead, University of Auckland
Gerri Kimber is a Visiting Professor in the Department of English at the University of Northampton and is co-editor of the annual yearbook Katherine Mansfield Studies. She is the deviser and series editor of the four-volume Edinburgh Edition of the Collected Works of Katherine Mansfield (2016) and the author of Katherine Mansfield: The View from France and A Literary Modernist: Katherine Mansfield and the Art of the Short Story.

Claire Davison is Professor of Modernist Studies at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, where her teaching and research focus on the borders and boundaries of modernism; this includes the translation and reception of Russian literature in the 1910s-20s, cross-Channel modernist dialogues, and literary and musical modernism. Her current research bears on modernist soundscapes and broadcasting in the 1920s-30s.

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