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The Changing Flora of Glasgow

Urban and Rural Plants through the Centuries

J.H. Dickson, P. MacPherson


Not since Lee's Flora of the Clyde Area (1933) has there been a Flora covering Glasgow. This is the first ever Flora of the Glasgow area that relates how plants have changed over time. It is based on the results of some fifteen years' intensive research by members of the Glasgow Natural History Society and other field botanists working under the direction of Professor Jim Dickson, Dr Peter Macpherson and Keith Watson. The survey led to discoveries of many special plants, including some thought to be extinct, and revealed sites of great scientific and conservation interest. The book also uncovers some little known aspects of the city's natural, social and economic history and their bearing on wild plants.

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Of outstanding interest.
Plentifully illustrated by black-and-white photographs and old maps and prints, also 23 colour plates of maps, habitats and individual plants ... A most thorough account, drawing on some 15 years of field work, and a sound basis for future research and conservation.
This beautifully illustrated local Flora is the culmination of 15 years' work...Professor Dickson is always happy to give his opinion on controversial matters and this makes this work all the more readable."
- Douglas McKean