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The Body's Perilous Pleasures

Dangerous Desires and Contemporary Culture

Edited by Michele Aaron

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Focusing on contemporary film and fiction, this book examines the construction of the body, both within cultural production and as a cultural product itself, and provides a provocative engagement with the cultural representation of the body and its 'dangerous desires'. Transgressive interpretations of conventional imagery merge with critical considerations of subcultural forms. The topics discussed include male erotic objectification; narcissistic masculinity; male to female transvestism; cyborgs and female desire; body piercing; 'demonic' children in film; queer cinema; vampires in women's fiction; the cannibal film; cyborgs and necrophiliac desire; AIDS and reincarnation films. The films discussed include Videodrome, Dead Ringers, M. Butterfly, The Crying Game, Romeo is Bleeding, The Omen, Heavenly Creatures, Sister My Sister, Silenceof the Lambs and Delicatessen.

About the Author

Michele Aaron is Senior Lecturer in American and Canadian Studies at the University of Birmingham.


Scholars working across multiple disciplines will surely find this text rewarding ... few who take the time to peruse this impressive anthology will come away unsatisfied or, at least, unprovoked.
Engages in a lively way with relevant and important theoretical questions and adds an ultra-modern perspective to existing debate.