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The BNC Handbook

Exploring the British National Corpus with SARA

Guy Aston, Lou Burnard

Paperback (Printed to Order)

This textbook is designed to provide a detailed understanding of the principles and practices underlying the use of large language corpora in exploratory learning and English language teaching and research. It focuses on the largest and most representative corpus of spoken and written data yet compiled - the British National Corpus - and on the search tool SARA (SGML Aware Retrieval Application). The method adopted is to provide a graded series of exercises, each introducing at the same time new features of the software and new techniques or applications for computer-assisted language learning. The book also includes an overview of previous work in corpus linguistics, a bibliography, and a reference manual for the SARA software.

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'The book provides valuable information on the operation of SARA. Its instructions are clear, the tasks set thereader are natural and wide-ranging, and the skills it seeks to inculcatemake full use of the potentiality of corpus study'.
- Michael Hoey

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