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The Bazaar and Other Stories

Elizabeth Bowen
Edited by Allan Hepburn

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This volume brings together the previously uncollected stories of this exceptional modernist writer, from fairy tale to fable and social drama.

Covering a range of situations - broken engagements, encounters with ghosts, brushes with crime - these previously uncollected stories demonstrate the virtuosity that characterizes all of Elizabeth Bowen's writing.

"The Lost Hope" ranks with the best of her war stories. Shattering the lives of soldiers and civilians alike, the war cancels the promise shown by the generation that came of age in the 1940s. Yet the war also clears a path to the future, as happens in "Comfort and Joy" and "The Last Bus." Humour in these tales ranges from the sardonic to the light-hearted. In the title story, "The Bazaar," Captain Winch begs everyone for pins and ends up stealing some. With this collection, Bowen, gifted with keen social observation, justifies her place in the company of D. H. Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf, and James Joyce.

Key Features

  • Brings together for the first time Bowen's uncollected short stories
  • Demonstrates the diversity of Bowen's short fiction across her writing career
  • The stories cover familiar Bowen themes of marriage, travel, estrangement, disappointment and disinheritance
  • Completes the picture of Bowen as a compelling writing of the short story


Uncollected Short Stories
Salon des Dames
"Just Imagine . . ."
Pink Biscuit
She Gave Him
The Unromantic Princess
Comfort and Joy
The Good Earl
The Lost Hope
I Died of Love
So Much Depends
Emergency in the Gothic Wing
The Claimant
Candles in the Window
Unpublished and Unfinished Short Stories
The Bazaar
Miss Jolley Has No Plans for the Future
The Man and the Boy
Story Scene
Flowers Will Do
The Last Bus
Fairies at the Christening

Christmas Games
Home for Christmas
Ghost Story
Women in Love
Works Cited.

About the Author

Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973) was a leading Anglo-Irish novelist and short story writer. Her writing was influenced both by Henry James and by modernist writers. She is best known for her novels of the 1930s, her war novel, The Heat of the Day (1949), and her short stories of the London Blitz.

Allan Hepburn is Associate Professor of English at McGill University in Montreal. He has also edited The Bazaar and Other Stories by Elizabeth Bowen and People, Places, Things: Essays by Elizabeth Bowen, both published by Edinburgh University Press.


[Allan Hepburn's] scholarly detective work is accompanied by extensive annotations and a very useful introduction, and, in addition, he has reproduced a number of Bowen's unpublished stories. The unpublished stories are, for the most part, as good as the published ones; it seems as if Bowen was incapable of writing a dull short story. Many of these stories have...continued resonance...funds of unexpended feeling and, overall, the republication of these important Bowen stories will add greatly to her literary reputation.
- Irish Times