The Badiou Dictionary

Edited by Steven Corcoran

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The first dictionary dedicated to Badiou's work, bringing together over 35 leading scholars in the field

From Antiphilosophy to Worlds and from Beckett to Wittgenstein, over 90 entries in this dictionary provide detailed explanations and engagements with his key concepts and some of his major interlocutors. They also reflect the crucial divergences in Badiou scholarship in a productive and enlightening way.

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Introduction by Steven Corcoran
Entries A–Z
Notes on Contributors.
There is no doubt that The Badiou Dictionary will present a landmark. Its entries provide a series of red threads through the work of one of the most important contemporary thinkers, written with clarity and based on vast scholarship. Steve Corcoran gathered a most impressive group of outstanding scholars, each with an independent voice. Indispensable for the beginners, a treat for all who have been following the development of Badiou’s thought over the last decades.
Mladen Dolar, University of Ljubljana
Steven Corcoran has translated numerous works by French and German philosophers, including Jacques Rancière and Alain Badiou, and is the editor of The Badiou Dictionary, published by Edinburgh University Press.

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