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The Athenian Empire

Edited by Polly Low

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In the fifth century BC, the Athenian Empire dominated the politics and culture of the Mediterranean world.

This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the history and significance of the Athenian Empire. It starts by exploring possible answers to the crucial questions of the origins and growth of the empire. Subsequent sections deal with the institutions and regulations of empire, and the mechanisms by which it was controlled; the costs and benefits of imperialism (for both rulers and ruled); and the ideological, cultural and artistic aspects of Athenian power.

The articles collected here engage with the full range of evidence available - literary, epigraphic, archaeological and art-historical - and offer a compelling demonstration of the range of approaches, and conclusions, for which that evidence allows.

Key Features

  • Articles in Greek and other foreign languages are translated into English*Provides access to a range of scholarly views on contested topics*Includes editorial introductions, timelines and a bibliography which provide orientation for students and scope for further study


Note to the Reader
General Introduction
1. The Fifth-Century Athenian Empire: A Balance Sheet, Moses Finley
Part I: Origins, Development and Chronology
Introduction to Part I
2. Thucydides on the Purpose of the Delian League, Hunter R. Rawlings III
3. The Growth of Athenian Imperialism, Russell Meiggs
4. Periclean Imperialism, Harold B. Mattingly
Part II: Controlling the Empire
Introduction to Part II
5. The Athenian Coinage Decree, David Lewis
6a. Proxeny and Proxenos in Fifth-Century Athens, Michael Walbank
6b. A Note on Athenian Imperialism, Russell Meiggs
7. Religion and the Athenian Empire, Robert Parker
Part III: Costs and Benefits
Introduction to Part III
8. The Parthenon, the Treasury of Athena, and the Tribute of the Allies, Adalberto Giovannini
9. Money Talks: Rhetor, Demos, and the Resources of the Athenian Empire, Lisa Kallet
10. Archaeology and the Athenian Empire, Robin Osborne
Part IV: Popularity and Propaganda
Introduction to Part IV
11. The Character of the Athenian Empire, Geoffrey de Ste. Croix

12. Thucydides and the Cities of the Athenian Empire, Jacqueline de Romilly
13. Images and Political Identity: The Case of Athens, Tonio Hölscher
Postscript: The Aftermath of Empire
Intellectual Chronology
Guide to Further Reading

About the Author

Polly Low is a Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Manchester. She is co-editor of Cultures of Commemoration: War Memorials, Ancient and Modern with P. J. Rhodes and Graham Oliver, (under contract with Oxford University Press ) and she is author of The Political Rhetoric of Demosthenes (Duckworth, forthcoming).

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