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The Art that all Arts do Approve: Manifestations of the Dance Impulse in High Renaissance Culture

Studies in Honour of Margaret M McGowan: Dance Research Volume 25 Issue 2

Edited by Richard Ralph

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Margaret McGowan is the doyenne of British dance historians; in celebration of her long and distinguished career and to coincide with its Silver Anniversary, the scholarly journal Dance Research has invited a number of distinguished dance historians and colleagues working in arts cognate with dance to contribute essays in her honour. The connecting theme is dance as an over-arching and stimulating agent, contributing to cultural and intellectual life during the early modern period in ways that were broader and more profound in their influence than is often recognised.

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Editorial Introduction: Margaret M McGowan: Pioneer of Academic Dance Research
The Barriers: from Combat to Dance (Almost), Sydney Anglo
'Rules for Design': Beauty and Grace in Caroso's Choreographies, Jennifer Nevile
Fragment of the Sovereign as Hermaphrodite: Time, History, and the Exception in Le Ballet de Madame, Mark Franko
Dancing Towards Death: Masques and Entertainments in London and Florence as precedents for Thomas Middleton's Women Beware Women, J. R. Mulryne and Margaret Shewring
Burlesque Ballet, a Ballad and a Banquet in Ben Jonson's The Gypsies Metamorphos'd (1621), Barbara Ravelhofer
From Tragicomedy to Epic: The Court Ballets of Desmarets de Saint-Sorlin, Marie-Claude Canova-Green
Jean II Berain's Costume Designs for the Ballet Les Plaisirs de la Paix (1715), Jérôme de la Gorce
Into the Labyrinth: Kenneth MacMillan and his Ballets, Clement Crisp
The Publications of Margaret M McGowan.

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Richard Ralph is the Editor of the journal Dance Research.